Opening Times & Ticket Prices
2018 Season
22nd April - 4th October
Open Sunday to Thursday
(Closed on Fridays & Saturdays during the Season, except for Special Events)
The Gardens
10am - 5pm
The House
12 noon - 4pm
The House will close promptly at 4pm
House & Gardens
Adult: £13.90
Child: £5.00
Family: £35.00

Gardens Only:
Adult: £9.90
Child: £4.00
Family: £25.00
Season Ticket (single): £30.00
Season Ticket (double): £55.00

Child: ages 5 to 16

Family: 2 adults + 3 children

Free admission to the Gift Shop and Bellingham Buttery.


Re-rendering the West Elevation

In 2016 Levens Hall underwent some major restoration work.  This involved re-rendering the West Elevation with lime mortar.  

During the 1940’s the West Elevation was covered with hard cement render because, at the time, it was thought that it would keep water out of the building more effectively. However, over time the render trapped moisture behind the surface, which caused the lime mortar beneath to deteriorate.

Maintenance is a continual process for every old building. The project was a major undertaking for Levens Hall and required skilled workmen, the right materials and application to last another century. Lime work can only be carried out in spring and summer as the lime ‘carbonates’ and hardens during the warmer weather. The elevation was sheeted in to allow this carbonation process to be controlled and ensure a successful application.

The cement render was removed, the mortar in the stonework raked out and the joints repointed with lime mortar. The whole process took approximately six months. The random rubble stonework was always intended to be rendered by ‘lime harling’ where the lime mortar mix is thrown onto the surface to make it stick better. This results in a slightly textured appearance.

Did you know?
There are over 100 pieces of Topiary here at Levens Hall, and each one is clipped to an unusual and individual design.