Levens Bakery

Levens Bakery - Now Open

The building project started in early February 2023 and opened for business July 2023.

Why have we done this? 

We've outgrown Levens Kitchen due to its popularity and success in the first three years of business.  We found ourselves short of space in the main building and wanted to expand further so that we can continue to deliver the high standards of food our customers have come to expect.  We've seen an unprecedented increase in demand for cakes and bread, so this is naturally the next step in expanding our catering operations.

Why did we choose this location?

The building we are using has stood empty for a number of years following the sale of Bertha, a Fowler Showman's engine.  It's ideally located and ready to be transformed into a fantastic takeaway facility for our visitors whilst increasing our capacity to bake delicious cakes and bread.

Overseen by Crosby Granger Architects Ltd, Carr Construction and Restoration Ltd  renovated this lean-to extension dating from the 1960s into a modern, state-of-the-art food preparation area.  The external stonework has been covered in lime render and painted white to mirror the work that was undertaken to the rest of the elevation in December 2022. 

What to expect

Following their success on Bake off: The Professionals, Levens Kitchen's Head Chef and Pastry Chef have been joined by two new chefs to expand their existing range of delicious bread, pastries and cakes - perfect to enjoy in the Gardens or to take home to savour later whilst reminiscing about your great visit to Levens Hall. 

We look forward to welcoming you to Levens Bakery:    Open every day - 9am to 4pm