Welcome to World Topiary Day

A new annual event

The inaugural World Topiary Day, established by Levens Hall, took place on 12 May 2021. 

The event celebrates the world’s oldest topiary garden - established from 1694 here at Levens Hall and Gardens in Cumbria - and also seeks to spread the love of the fantastic art of topiary.

Topiary is the shaping and cutting of small-leaved trees and bushes into geometric shapes and forms which resemble common objects and people. It has absorbed gardeners for centuries and is enjoying a resurgence, with celebrities and influencers often sharing their love of this gardening art form and means of creative expression.

World Topiary Day celebrates both public and privately-owned topiary, whilst inspiring keen gardeners and lovers of al fresco living to adopt topiary’s style and structure within their own private gardens.  It fittingly focuses on the tranquillity and mindfulness a topiary garden provides, through structure and form, shapes and creativity, in a world packed with stresses and uncertainties.

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