Let's Celebrate

Join with us and celebrate World Topiary Day

  • Take part in our 2022 World Topiary Day Quiz.  Simply download the quiz, answer all of the questions correctly, and send your answers to WTD@catapultpr.co.uk (by midnight on 19 May) for a chance to win a 2022 family season ticket to the gardens, a £25 gift voucher for use in Levens Kitchen, and a signed copy of our head gardener, Chris Crowder's book, 'The Garden at Levens'.
  • Head to Levens Hall and Gardens and join in with our activities, sharing your day’s highlights with the hashtag #WorldTopiaryDay
  • Visit the Levens Hall and Gardens Topiary Garden and enjoy some mindfulness, whilst focusing on the forms and shapes or reimagining shapes into something else.  Our head gardener will be "Talking Topiary" at 11am, 1pm and 3pm. 
  • Create your own piece of topiary at home
  • If you do not have the time to own real topiary, select some artificial topiary to love
  • Share your own garden’s topiary by posting pics on social media with the hashtag #WorldTopiaryDay
  • Tell us, on social media, which hero or historical figure you would create in topiary, if you could, and why. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #WorldTopiaryDay
  • Have your children, or school class write a story: ‘The Day the (piece of topiary) Came to Life.’   Simply choose one of the pieces of topiary from the Levens Topiary Garden to write this story and let your imagination run wild.