Press Releases from Levens Hall
17 April 2024
World Topiary Day Podcast
Podcast - Interview with Patrick Salembier, President of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society in Europe

With the worldwide phenomenon that is Levens Hall and Gardens’ World Topiary Day just around the corner, Jane Hunt, the PR consultant who conceived and drove the idea for Levens Hall, talks to Patrick Salembier, President of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society in Europe, in her latest Poodling Around podcast.

Jane discovers why the award-winning idea is a huge hit in France but also in the USA, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and other far-flung places and not just in the UK where it has put Levens Hall and Gardens, the founder of the day and the world's oldest topiary garden, at the top of the topiary tree.  

Jane explains about some of the specifics of the World Topiary Day activity this year, both in terms of what is happening with regard to interaction between participating gardens and what is specifically happening at Levens Hall and Gardens.

She also gives listeners an insight into why the day of World Topiary Day - May 12 - had such significance at Levens Hall and Gardens and why the raucous Radish Feast, which preceded it centuries ago, was so notorious.  Learning what took part at the radish feast should be of interest to all!

Patrick highlights what worldwide topiary gardens find so appealing about the concept and how he believes it has spread knowledge of the Levens Hall gardens right across the world. He describes some of the French gardens participating again this year, including an amazing garden that is his society's current award winner and his personal favourite, which is just 'perfect' all year round. 

He also explains the very special reason why the Palace of Versailles cannot take part this year and tells listeners in which country he will be trying to recruit participants next.

He also highlights the different attitudes towards topiary in France and the UK, explains where he himself has been the creator of topiary and gives his own thoughts on the topiary at Levens Hall and Gardens.