Press Releases from Levens Hall
11 April 2024
Ulverston Music Festival
The Ulverston International Music Festival comes to Levens Hall - With a 'foodie' twist






With afternoon tea from Levens Kitchen included


This is an exclusive opportunity to hear an intimate piano recital by Festival Director Anthony Hewitt, on a beautiful Steinway in the magnificent setting of the Great Hall at Levens Hall.

This is the first of the Festival’s Tempo Gusto events, where there will be a blend of beautiful music with fine food – in this case a sumptuous Afternoon Tea at the award winning Levens Kitchen.

Tempo Gusto - Taste in Time


Ulverston Music Festival have announced this new concept to the Festival where, for select concerts, they have teamed up with a few of South Lakes' top eateries to offer you a delicious dining option to complement your concert experience.

Tastes change with time, but forever is the adage that, in order to savour tastes, we must take our time. There is symbiosis between the perfecting of a dish, and the refinement that is part of producing a tasteful musical performance.

The concept 'Tempo Gusto' evolves from a morphing of the phrase 'Tempo Giusto' a musical instruction to play exactly in time and 'gusto' or 'degustation' - of taste. Gourmet meals with your melodies, gastro harmony - the perfect 'Menu Compris' for foodies and music lovers.

Tickets for all three Tempo Gusto events are strictly limited and can only be purchased directly from the Ulverston Music Festival website.

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Tickets £50 & £40 including afternoon tea. Tickets only available from