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14 May 2024
Topiary Tourism Guide
A new Topiary Tourism Guide has been produced by Levens Hall and Gardens for all garden lovers to download

New Topiary Tourism Guide Shapes Unique Day Out or Holiday


Garden lovers who revel in the art of topiary have been treated to a new resource, which celebrates topiary artistry worldwide.  

The new Topiary Tourism Guide has been produced by Levens Hall and Gardens – a Cumbrian visitor attraction that is a Guinness World Record Holder thanks to having the world’s oldest topiary garden, dating from 1694.

Topiary tourism across the world has received a huge boost in the past four years, since Levens Hall and Gardens founded the May 12 annual event of World Topiary Day and encouraged gardens worldwide to stage events and celebrations to mark it. 

By working closely with the European Boxwood and Topiary Society in Europe, it has made the event a truly global celebration.

The 35 gardens featured are in the UK, Italy, France, Belgium and the USA.  All officially signed up to participate in World Topiary Day this year.  

There is an explanation of what each of the gardens has to offer to the lover of topiary and stunning photos that show the essence of each garden’s appeal. 

Naturally, the Levens Hall Topiary Garden, home to over 100 whimsical and cleverly shaped topiary pieces, features in the booklet.  This is just one of several themed gardens at Levens Hall and Gardens and includes the huge Umbrella Tree that has been voted one of the UK’s favourite trees and which is well over 300 years old. With everything from a Top Hat and Toppling Wedding Cake, to Queen Elizabeth I and her Maids of Honour and Darth Vader, it is a garden with an Alice in Wonderland, magical quality.

The very informative Topiary Tourism guide can be downloaded below, by any garden lover wishing to plan their next day out, or foreign holiday, around topiary.  The 2024 Edit will be updated in future years, if more gardens enrol.

Levens Hall and Gardens’ owner, Richard Bagot, says, “We are thrilled at having been the inspiration for topiary tourism on such an impressive scale and for creating an event that has helped make the art of topiary a specific reason to visit gardens across the world. 

“By backing World Topiary Day with our Topiary Tourism downloadable guide, which helps visitors plan a topiary experience at any time of year, we hope to further capture the imagination of gardeners who have yet to enjoy creating their own topiary.”

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