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24 June 2024
New Seeds of Wellbeing Sewn by Cumbrian Gardens
A series of Yoga and other 'Well Being' events are to be held at levens Hall throughout the Summer

New Seeds of Wellbeing Sewn by Cumbrian Gardens


The health and wellbeing benefits of yoga are being entwined with those emanating from biophilia and the feel-good factor we derive from nature, thanks to a brand-new series of events at Levens Hall and Gardens, in Cumbria.

During the summer months, a number of special yoga sessions have been scheduled at the Elizabethan Lake District property, which is home to the world’s oldest topiary garden.

In the shadow of the stunning historic hall, yoga enthusiasts – and those who have never given yoga a go before – can come together and engage in a range of movements that will assist mental and physical health.

With the 75-minute sessions taking place on the glorious Cedar Lawn, and a 9.15am start, this is a perfect way to begin the day, amidst nature and in the wonderful Cumbrian fresh air.

The sessions are led by Carol Downing and Karen Newis, who come from Sedbergh and who are names behind Bliss Organics. They tailor the yoga to the competency level of each participant, with typically 8-16 people at each event. 

Both Carol and Karen are firm believers in the power of nature and the impact of biophilia - the innate instinct we have to connect with nature and other living beings.  It is felt that this instinct is in our DNA so, when we connect with nature, we unleash positivity. This can reduce anxiety, anger and fear, boost our mood and enhance our creativity and concentration.

Even if the weather is poor on the day of a session, the yoga can still go ahead inside, with movements and postures adapted to this scenario. The chance to connect with nature is never lost, however, as the price of a session includes free entrance to the gardens. Even on the rainiest day, participants can stroll the extensive gardens, or simply tour the first area they come to - the world’s oldest topiary garden - and breathe in the sight of 100 shaped trees, some over 300 years old.

The ticket price also includes coffee and cake in Levens Kitchen, allowing the group to socialise and build connections after the session.

One participant has recently said of the experience, “My daughter and I really enjoyed it.  It was so good to be outside and hear the birds and all the other sounds of nature and we also appreciated the coffee and delicious cakes and the opportunity to chat to the other ladies. We had a nice wander round the gardens too, which was delightful.”

Levens Hall and Gardens’ Chloe De Nazelle, fiancée to owner Richard Bagot and the inspiration behind the yoga sessions and their introduction to the venue says, “Yoga has numerous health benefits, whilst being out amongst nature has been proven to improve our mental wellbeing.  By bringing the two elements together and building a connectedness with nature, we are creating experiences filled with joy and uplifting moments of blissfulness.  Staging all of this here, in a historic and ambience-filled natural arena, is the cherry on the cake.”

The next sessions with Carol and Karen are scheduled for July 5 and 19, August 16 and September 6 and 20 and cost £25, including coffee and cake and free gardens entry. Meanwhile, given the hugely positive feedback received, Chloe is planning to introduce Kundalini yoga, sound therapy and shamanic healing, to extend the wellbeing programme and will be staging yoga sessions inside the Hall, with the additional comfort factor of a warming fire, during the winter months.

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